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A quick and easy guide to Facebook Ads.

The Online Teacher's Facebook Ads Blueprint

In this course, you will go from feeling overwhelmed and confused about Facebook ads to feeling confident and knowledgeable, and experience growth in your online teaching business while still maintaining your budgetary goals. You have two package options: 

1. Purchase the course only

2. OR Grab the VIP Package which includes two free one on one sessions as well as the bonus courses: "Defining the "Why" of Your lessons" and ""Budgeting for an Online Teaching Business"!

Members will be offered packages for one on one sessions regardless of which package you choose.

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Before I Tell You About This Amazing Course That Will Provide You With The Self-Confidence to Market Your Own Online Teaching Business, Let's Talk About Who This Is Really For...

You're a teacher entrepreneur who is ambitious and motivated to grow your online teaching business. You want to create resources and other services to your students/clients. You want more time to enjoy the little things in life, to work less and make more money, and to have the flexible schedule you desire.

Whether You're...

  • An Online Teacher who conducts one on one classes for students of a certain age, background, and in a specific subject area. You know your students and want to be able to provide more services for them while gaining more students. 

  • An online teacher who has decided to help other online teachers build and scale their businesses. You know who your clients are and their needs in regards to your expertise. You're ready to start taking on more clients while scaling your business.

  • An online teacher who has decided to provide other online teachers with products for their online classrooms. You know your clients, you are ready to start scaling to provide even more for your clients.

This is the place for you! I am going to tell you how The Online Teacher's Facebook Ads Blueprint will give you the tools you need to be a successful marketer of your own online teaching business so that you can begin gaining more clients and start scaling your business.

By the end of this course,

you will have:

A fully optimized Facebook Business Page that clearly lets visitors know exactly what you provide.

A full understanding of how to use Facebook Business Manager and its tools.

A deeper knowledge of the types of content you can use to attract more students/clients.

An understanding of how to target your ideal student for specific services.

The ability to read the stats and know which types of ads work best for your business.

The ability to optimize facebook ads to suit your budgetary needs.

A clearer idea of who your audience is and how to target them effectively.

The skills to create engaging content that will stop them from scrolling on by.

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You don't need a marketing degree to run Facebook Ads. Each module will walk you  through the process of creating, running, and optimizing your ads. 

Each module is created to be easy to follow and understand. I take away the overwhelm of Facebook Ads and give you the confidence you need to run ads successfully. Additionally, the worry of budget or not having enough money to run ads will be alleviated. I will help you understand which types of ads are more budget friendly and help you realize how to create sales/enrollments from less costly ads.

From Overwhelmed and confused to confident and knowledgeable.


Module 1: The Introduction

  • Here's why you need someone like me to teach you how to use Facebook Ads. I have a background in marketing and online teaching with a combined experience of 20 years. Due to my unique background, this course was created specifically for online teachers. It is made to help you fully understand how to use ads to attract more students and so you can begin scaling your business. Also, because I am an online teacher who has taught over 2000 students, I understand your budgetary concerns and the desire to build your business as well as the strategies and types of lessons you use in the online classroom. I understand what services you offer and how to use your very own resources from your online classroom in your Facebook Ads.

    During the introduction, you will be made familiar with the material that will be covered in the course. I feel, as a fellow teacher, this will help to prepare you and as you take the course, you will already know what's ahead. The introduction was created to help you become less overwhelmed and more confident as you take this course.


  • You will learn the benefits of creating a landing page or website and be given the resources to create one. Additionally, you will learn how to analyze the information collected from your website and landing pages. Knowing who visited your landing page or website can help you to lower your ad costs as well as strategically target a client who has either visited and not purchased (yet) or has already purchased, and you wish to target them differently.

  • The Online Teacher's Facebook Ads Blueprint Private Group! You will be a part of a private Facebook group of other online teachers who are taking the course. Having a group of like minded people to go to when you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed can be a huge resource. Additionally, you will receive bonus courses ("Defining the "Why" of Your lessons" and "Budgeting for an Online Teaching Business") and two free one on one coaching sessions with the VIP option. Scroll for more info!

  • Module 2: Get Ready!

    Developing an optimized Facebook Business Page is the first and crucial step. You need your business page to say who you are and what you're all about. During this module, you will have the tools necessary to create a business page that appeals to your ideal students/clients

    You will also create your Facebook Business Manager. The Business Manager is going to be your favorite tool. You will be using the Facebook Business Manager to create ads, monitor your ads, optimize your budget, and so much more! In this course, you will get to know the manager and be able to use it with confidence. You will also learn how to set up your Business Manager so that it is ready for more growth - You could have more than one segment of your business you wish to promote! You will need your Business Manager set up so that you know how each segment of your business' ads are performing. In addition to the Business Manager, you will also be using Google's amazing tools, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, to help you manage your data and easily get set up to run Facebook Ads.


  • Create an optimized Facebook Business Page with a profile that will attract your students and make them say, "This is my teacher!" In this lesson you will learn how to create an effective banner along with a profile that is searchable on Facebook and Google. You will have access to the Using Keywords to Optimize your Facebook Page Bonus (included with the basic and VIP package) which will walk you through how to discover the keywords to include on your Facebook Business Page. An optimized page can help your students know who you are quickly.

  • Set up your Facebook Business Manager account so that you can easily manage your ads. You will also learn how to incorporate Google's Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager so that you can target your potential students effectively and turn them into your students.

  • Installing the Facebook Pixel is important if you really want to be able to understand your clients and their behaviors on your website or landing page. You will learn how to install the pixel via Google Tag Manager (you'll learn what that is too) and how the pixel can go a long way into helping you create cost effective ads. Don't worry! I will be there during the process to help you successfully set up your Facebook Page, Business Manager, Google, and Pixel via the facebook group, and if you opt for the VIP package, you will have the additional support of two free one on one sessions (good for the duration of the course) and two bonus mini courses.

  • Helpful Resources are available with each module. The resources you receive will be there as support during your journey and to help you stay on track. The resources are designed to keep you from experiencing overwhelm during the process. These resources are in the form of downloadable checklists, how to's, video, and visual graphics. 

  • Module 3: Understanding How to Attract Students

  • You will be introduced to the different types of ads, the Facebook Funnel, and ad objectives... Woah! What does all that mean?! Don't worry you will know what it all means as we go over each topic and use the knowledge to start creating content for your ads. I will be there every step of the way in the private Facebook group and, for those who choose the VIP package, in the one on one sessions. The content of your ad has to be a scroll stopper. It has to be that thing that makes your ideal student say, "Wait a minute! I've been looking for this!"


  • Learn how to make scroll stopping images! You will learn how to create professional ads from your lesson plans, photos, resources, worksheets, or anything else you may want to use to represent your business. Learning how to create scroll stopping images and gaining authority for your brand (who you are as a business and as a person), will help create more cost effective ads.

  • Learn how to use video to amp up your marketing campaign! You will learn how to use video to create a more personal relationship with your students. Do you need to be in the video? Are you a little unconfident with putting yourself out there? Don't worry! We can use video without your image, but it really is a great connection when your potential students can see the face they will be meeting in the online classroom. Do you think you have to be outgoing to do video? No, be you! That's the biggest tip when it comes to video. Just be you! Believe me, I had a hard time with video at first, but once I started putting myself out there, I realized that my ideal client really appreciated seeing that crazy woman in videos who also knows how to market and help them grow their business. I will help you do the same thing. You will gain the confidence to work with video and learn just how amazing you are!

  • Create awareness, engagement, and traffic. Using the content you create in this module, you will learn how to use Facebook ads to increase awareness of your business. Let your potential students know you're out there by getting them to engage with your content and start creating a relationship with your students. You will learn how to get your students to your Facebook page, website, and/or landing page to increase conversions and continue offering quality lessons and resources for your students. Included with VIP Option for The Online Teacher's Facebook Ads Blueprint is Merciful Morning's Rachel Baker and Defining The "Why" of Your Lessons Bonus to help you market your lessons effectively.

  • Module 4: Create and Run Your Ad!!!

    By module 4, you will have learned how to optimize your Facebook Business, create an ad account with Facebook Business Manager, use Google's Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, and create scroll stopping content! What's next? Time to create and run your ad! This will be the big moment. You're time to start creating ads that will grow awareness, drive traffic, and start generating leads and conversions! 

    I will be there with you every step of the way. The course will take five weeks to complete, but you will have access to the private Facebook Group for the lifetime of the course! That's right! You will create more than one ad and learn how to test your ads. You will learn, from testing your ads, even more about your ideal students and be able to create audiences for Facebook to target in your ads! You get even more support when you opt for the VIP Package and receive two one on one sessions along with the Bonus courses: "Defining the "Why" of Your lessons" and "Budgeting for an Online Teaching Business"


  • Create ads cost effectively. You will Learn which ads are budget friendly and how to use the optimize option with Business Manager, which will help you keep costs low as you learn more about your audience and fine tune the targeting of your ads. Learning how to using the more cost effective ads to draw traffic to your business and gain a better understanding of who your ideal students are will lead to more cost effective conversion and lead generation ads because you will be learning how to test your ads and read the data from each ad you run. Also, in the VIP package, Brittany Flammer will help you keep your finances in line with the Budgeting for an Online Teaching Business Bonus.

  • Learn about budget optimization. First, knowing what you can spend on ads is essential, but remember it's also an investment in your business. The types of ads you will learn from this course are budget friendly so that you can run ads, learn about your audience, and learn how to strategically place your ads. You will be driving more traffic to your business which also increases the chances your ideal student will find you. Organic marketing works to some extent, but Facebook only puts 5.20% of your organic marketing out there (according to Hootsuite). You are ready for more growth in your business so now is the time to invest!

  • Learn how to test ads and read the data. As you learn how to test ads, you will be receiving amazing details about your ideal students. Ever ask yourself, "But how do I find my student?" Let the pixel and Google Analytics do that for you. The Facebook Pixel is a tool that you will use with Google Tag Manager. You will receive information on your students: how long they were on your site, what they clicked, when they visit your page/site (this will give you an idea of when to go live or send out emails to your student), and much much more!

  • 9 weeks of coaching and support! The course itself will take five weeks to complete, but your journey doesn't end there because you will continue to run ads, test, and learn more about your students. Therefore, you will receive support during the 5 week course and four weeks after the course to make sure you are successfully running your ads. You will learn how long to test and run ads, find out what type of content works for your business, define your audiences, and create audiences in Business Manager. Therefore, I will still be there cheering you on in the private Facebook Group and in two free one on one sessions for those who chose the VIP package. One on One packages will be offered if you choose the basic plan. I will still be available after those nine weeks as well, but the facebook group for everyone who signs up and two free one on one sessions and bonus courses for VIP members are included in the price of the course


    Join today to get The Online Teacher's Facebook Ads Blueprint and receive all the modules. (a $2000 value!)

    OR opt for the VIP package an get The Online Teacher's Facebook 
    Ads Blueprint, two free on on one sessions, and two bonus courses! (a $4000 value)

  • The Online Teacher Facebook Ads Blueprint: 4 modules and 31 lessons full of content, guides, PDFs, and assignments for you to become your own personal marketer and attract more students. You will have access to the course for the lifetime of the course including the updates made.

  • Facebook Group Access: Join our community of online teachers learning and growing their business and learn new marketing tips and strategies.

  • Content Creation: You will be guided through the process of content creation and learn how different images and video can be used to create an eye catching ad for your business.

  • Funneling Traffic Effectively: You will learn how to use Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your business using a strategy involving different types of content from providing tips on how to solve a problem to valuable resources your students will find helpful to content that motivates your students to sign up for their first class with you.

  • (AN $900 VALUE)


    (note: some bonuses are VIP Package only)

    The SEO Bootcamp Bonus: You will learn how to discover the best keywords to optimize your Facebook Page and profile using valuable tools for keywords research.

    Leah Sparrow: Marketing Coach 

    VIP Package Only: Defining the "Why" of Your Lessons: Learn how to develop your lesson plans so that you can market strategically and create engaging lessons for your online classroom

    Rachel Baker of Merciful Mornings

    VIP Package Only: The Business Budget for Online Teachers: Learn how to keep track of your finances and stay on track with your business.

    Brittany Flammer: Budgeting Queen

    8 Weeks of Coaching & Support: two free one on one sessions (VIP option only) and Coaching Packages offered for those who choose the basic course

    Leah Sparrow: Marketing Coach

    Plus, You'll Be Backed By A Risk-Free 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

    First, let me say this:

    The Online Teacher's Facebook Ads Blueprint is the most comprehensive, introductory course specifically designed for online teachers who are serious and committed to building a successful business of their own.

    • You'll become part of a community of online teachers whose goals and level of commitment are set for building a successful online teaching business that is unique and attracts students looking for their style of teaching and expertise.

    • Now, take note here:

    • By the end of the 14 days, you will have received information regarding the types of content and objectives used in Facebook Ads along with the first three modules of the course.

      Meaning, you will have had the opportunity to get your business page and account set up as well as have created scroll stopping content ready to be used in your Facebook Ads BEFORE making your commitment.

      If you don't feel you are totally confident about running Facebook Ads within your budgetary means (and target students effectively to create more sign-ups for your courses), simply reach out, show you've put in the work for the first three modules, and I will fully refund your investment. Full details here

    From Overwhelmed and confused to confident and knowledgeable.

    You Might Be Asking

  • I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the content I will be going over. Are you sure I can do this? YES! You will be able to cover the content one step at a time. The course has been created to alleviate overwhelm and even has an implementation week for you to get the work done, ask questions, and work at your own pace. Plus, I will be there every step of the way and after the course is completed.

  • Will I need to invest in other courses to complete this one? You will not need to take more courses to understand how to set up, create content, and run Facebook Ads. This course has been created specifically for online teachers who wish to start running Facebook Ads or to dive a little deeper into organic growth (non paid ads).

  • Do I need to have been running Facebook Ads to take this course? No, you don't even need have had a facebook page. You will have the support and step by step instruction provided to help you get set up from the very start.

  • Do I need to have any knowledge of marketing? No, you don't need to have a knowledge of marketing strategies. As long as you know who your client is, what your business offers, and how you define yourself as an online teacher, you have all you need to create ads that will grow your business.

  • I'm fairly new to Facebook Ads. Will this course be too advanced for me? No, this course is an introduction to Facebook Ads, and it goes a little deeper to provide you with the confidence, knowledge, and skills to run Facebook Ads successfully and to be able to use the data gathered to continue running different types of ads.

  • When I join The Online Teacher's Facebook Ads Blueprint, will I have access to all the modules and lessons? You will have access to each module during the week we will be covering the lessons within the assigned module. I schedule the lessons and modules each week to keep you from feeling overwhelmed and to help you focus on each step so you can successfully proceed to the next. Plus, it gives you time to ask me any questions you may have and to get the support you need during every step of the course. Remember, you also have the course, along with any updates, for the lifetime of the course so you can go back to the course at any time you need.

  • What if i get stuck? Will I have access to Leah when I need help? You will have an opportunity to schedule two free one on one private Zoom sessions with Leah if you purchase the VIP option along with scheduled Q&A's in the facebook private group, and if you did purchase the basic course option, you will have the opportunity to purchase coaching packages to suit your needs (all members will have the option to purchase additional coaching packages.).

  • Still Thinking About It?

    Give The Online Teacher's Facebook Ads Blueprint 14-day risk-free money back guarantee a try if you're motivated by any of the following:

    This business is your passion and you really want to see it succeed!

  • You've been working hard on your content and joining groups where your ideal student is or even constantly posting in an attempt to engage with you students. You're ready to invest the time and money into a more cost and time effective way to target your students and get them coming to you rather than you searching for them.

  • More importantly, you're burned out and are finding you've been spending more time posting on social media than actually teaching your students. Plus, you have bigger ideas and want to move forward with your business.

  • That's why you're motivated to find an answer and spend the next few weeks focusing on a new skill that will give you the ability to grow your business, give you more time to focus on the more important things, and gain more students in a more effective manner. You're here because you want to make changes that will affect your business and your life in the most positive way possible.


    Leah Sparrow

  • I cannot wait to help you on your journey!

  • Online teaching changed my life over three years ago. I was dealing with an auto immune disease that made it difficult to work the 9-5 job much less work as a teacher in a school. I had finished my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, but I was lost as to how to use it until I discovered online teaching.

  • 7000+ classes and 2000+ students later, I find myself helping other online teachers and aspiring online teachers find their place in this industry. It makes me feel so happy to be able to help others find a way to teach their passion and have the financial freedom to live their life the way they dreamed of living it.

  • The cherry on the top was realizing my prior experience in the broadcast industry as an on-air personality and creator of commercial and promotional material could be taught online! Marketing is one of my passions I get so excited about. I love being able to share my passion with others as well as using the expertise in marketing I have to help online teachers succeed.

  • If you choose to take this course with me, I personally guarantee you will learn skills that will enhance your ability to run your business successfully and give you the freedom to live your life your way.

    I look forward to meeting you inside The Online Teacher's Facebook Ads Blueprint Private Group!

    Overcome | Thrive | Teach 

  • -Leah Sparrow


    [email protected]


    1710 East Franklin St #1051

    Chapel Hill, NC 27514

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